Game time

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In case you weren’t there I kicked that guy all the way across the gym and then did 4 more pull ups. It was amazing. As you can tell Emily is super proud of me and I think a little into me. Opening day was yesterday. I am sure you guys are as excited as I am. We are officially … Read More

Jesus is a good carb

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Whilst taking communion this morning I was thinking to myself “this totally isn’t paleo.” How ridiculous is it that whilst I am remembering the atonement I am more mindful of the food rules that I placed on myself. I thought it would make for an awesome satirical introduction to a blog post on how our restrictive behaviors can become distractions … Read More


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Monday February 20th there will be no 5 and 6pm class. 6am O lifting is over. It is time to buckle down for the CrossFit Open. If you haven’t signed up for the Xplore CrossFit team there is still time. You may not want to go to the CrossFit games but that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw down with … Read More

You had to ask didn’t you

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Team captains are fielding a lot of questions and it is great. I am excited how involved folks are getting. I am also jazzed about the support people are offering to their teammates. Winning, points, good days, and bad are just a part of a process of self exploration in the arena of food and nutrition. This is not about … Read More

Wheat is murder

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The Paleo challenge officially starts tomorrow – February 15th. Make your favorite refined carbohydrate your valentine if you must and say your sweet goodbyes. It will start off feeling like the worst breakup ever – and then 90 days from now you will realize it is the best decision you ever made. This will be an individual as well as … Read More

Mastadon jerky is the best

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Our Paleo challenge starts next week. As Rexy alluded to in her post, breaking potentially lifelong eating habits will inevitably be challenging. Convenience, knowledge about what food to eat and fatigue all play roles in what we choose to put in our mouths. But after we settle into these new habits and adopt tricks for making things easier, what once … Read More

Brothas are doin’ it for themselves

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I am living the dream. 2 beautiful women at home who are totally into me.  I wear tennis shoes and Luon to work. I live in a great city. I participate in a great church. I have a wonderful family. I have the best job. I am surrounded by incredible friends. I am in great health. I want more. Within … Read More

Baby steps

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I was down in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend for some incredibly in depth nutritional education this weekend. The first lecturer started his talk with “if you don’t have baseline understanding of organic chemistry than I don’t know how you can expect to fully understand the causes and effects of nutritional prescriptions.” It is funny because I have always felt that … Read More

Paleo is so 2.6 million years ago

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Hello friends and welcome to Paleo Challenge 2012.  Get ready. Get excited. Some of you know Paleo and you may be like, “Paleo? Bahhhh… old hat!  We’ve been chums for decades (well, a year, I mean at least 10 months…okay a solid 5 days…)”.  While others may be like, “Paleo-who? What is this craziness you speak of … ? Have … Read More