Eat to win

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Lucky for us we are no longer living in caves. I say lucky for us but I have never spent time in a cave so I am not really sure if we are winning. I like being able to flush away some of my less valuable productions. I also really like Wikipedia. I don’t like wearing clothes or paying for … Read More

If you’re not first you’re last

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I am sure you are sick of looking hearing about this guy and frankly I am sick of bringing him up but something awesome happened this weekend. Three awesome things actually. I will tell them in reverse order of importance and awesomeness. Thing 1 is your trainer got the “anything for the win” award at the CrossFit competition in Lynwood … Read More

It’s almost party time

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If you are wondering how we ended up with the 8 MOTY nominess check out part 1 of this incredible documentary. I won’t be answering questions regarding the mise en scene. It just happened.


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As I looked behind I asked why there was only one set of footprints. And the answer came to me “BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE GOING TO THE GYM!” 7am was a very lonely time. 11 am class is now cancelled. PM classes are still a go.

Papa[less kid] needs a new pair of shoes

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Over two years ago my wife and I visited South Africa for the first time with my wife and we spent some time at Kwethu Children’s Village in Loskop. It was easy to fall in love with those kids and it was almost inevitable that we would stay connected with them and everyone involved in the project in some capacity. … Read More

MOTY Finale

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Check out the MOTY site at to see the latest and final installment of the 8 episode series of MOTY testimonial videos. Mark’s is by far the best. Well it is tied for the best with Clancy’s, and George’s and Rex’s. Rex’s is really good and two videos that are equally good are Donkey’s and Kevin’s. In fact Leslie … Read More

Schedule Changes

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The following classes have been canceled due to gym repairs: Friday 4pm, and Saturday 9am. All classes on Black Monday are cancelled so we can take some time to think about, and celebrate the fact that JHo is married to a white woman and he isn’t going to be lynched because of it. His mulatto baby can grow up in … Read More

GT 500

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You didn’t think this day would come but it has. GT has finally done an interview with the press(JHo) and it is everything that you hoped it would be. Check it out.

Practice safe Rex

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This is probably the one you have been waiting for. I probably should have saved it for last but I was just too excited. Check out Rexy testimonial and then be done waffling about who you are going to vote for in the MOTY contest.