Stronger is the new strong

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Dear WOD journal, Why is every single person at XCF so effing strong? It be nice if I was at a gym where I was always the best instead of training at a place where I am amazing every day but I still feel like I just blend into the crowd. More soon, AA We have all been there at … Read More

Thanks for all the fish

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I am thankful for you. I recieved three emails in the past month telling me how incredible the people at XCF are. The first was from a nube who was shocked by how nice everyone was on their first day in the gym. It was borderline unnerving because in the previous ten years of infrequent gym going they had never … Read More

Hyper-local celebrity guest blogger

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Driving home Saturday from the Rainier Strongman competition it occurred to me that I wanted to write this week’s blog post.  As much as Jordan may like to talk about himself, a post about him, written by him, would simply be too much- even for Jordan…  And unless you were amongst the HUGE group of XCF faithful (Donkey & Lina) … Read More

I heart thrusters and pull ups

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I have mixed feelings about today. 3rm Thruster followed by a quick run through Fran is a recipe for frivolity but for some reason it didn’t create the gaiety that I was hoping for. It wasn’t all bad. In fact it was mostly good. It just started on such a sour note it took me a while to recover. Clancy … Read More

Schedule Change

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I know it hurts but there will be no class Saturday November 12th. KD, GT, and I will be competing in Rainier CrossFit’s Strongest Man. Come on down to Sumner and cheer for your boys. Competition starts at 10. 3 events. XCF is taking gold or nothing.

Losing bigger

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The other day I was doing some power cleans and burpees between sets of watching the biggest loser. I try to tune in regularly to see how Anna K is going to Leo elevate my game as a trainer. Get ready XCF because we are going to be cardio kickboxing our asses off. Anyhow I can only watch it in … Read More