Crazed and confused

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Interesting article on addiction from the New York Times. CrossFit is often compared to some sort of fitness cult full of addictive personality types and disorder eaters. We lift heavy, fast, often, and with too little rest. We follow a dietary prescription that alienates our friends and family and then consider them crazy for not joining us. Are we indeed … Read More

A bucket full of geniuses

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“What’s his name” shared this video with me the other day and I dug it so I am sharing it. It struck me for two reasons. The first was the notion of intersecting minds. I think one of the reasons that CrossFit is so incredible is that it is an ever evolving intersection of minds in terms of programming, recovery, … Read More

Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks

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When are you eating for? Have you even considered that question? Most of us are eating for right now. It isn’t always bad to eat for right now but I would wager that there are enough times where you eat for right now and later you wish you hadn’t. This doesn’t just refer to eating sugar, or grains, or whatever … Read More

There is no Hallmark card for bad ass

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Max effort is relative. Most of it depends on what you bring with you but there are other factors as well. Are you better at chasing or being chased? Some people are motivated to take the lead and others are motivated to keep it. I personally don’t like to be in first but I like to win. Go figure. Coming … Read More

I’m bringing sexy back

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CrossFit as a community like any other traditional cult has spawned its own culture that manifests itself in every gym no matter how little exposure a single gym may interact with the community at large. One of the most obvious and most pleasant in my opinion is the “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” attitude that exists in almost every … Read More

No class Saturday October 8th

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It is Clancy’s birthday and in honor of the fact that she couldn’t push a baby out before she turned 30 we are canceling class this Saturday. She will probably be at home installing drywall or rewiring some outlets in her laundry room or whatever it is pregnant ladies with a 300# deadlift do on the weekends so feel free … Read More