Star Infinity

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The other day I was getting times from folks after the session and when I came to one athlete in particular all I got was a blank stare. I don’t want to use any names so as not to embarrass people but his initials are Pete Jendro. “We were supposed to be counting something?” Seriously?! It may surprise you to … Read More

Down with dogs

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Whenever I am feeling sad or overly productive there are a few places on line that I can go which always serve to lift my spirits or derail my todo list. Special sites. Sites where children aren’t usually supposed to go. I am talking about sites like “the best of craigslit.” It was during one such therapy session that I … Read More

No class Saturday September 17th

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If you haven’t tested your mile yet now is the time. I want to see lots of new times up on the board on Monday. A few more times went up and folks are blowing me away. Great job Jesse and Jodi. If you have already done your mile you could try this gem on for size: 100m Run at … Read More

We will never forget

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September 10 is a day that will live forever in the minds of dozens. Four years ago today XCF had it’s first group classes on the carpeted landing of Xplore Fitness. We had 1 erg, 1 set of db, and three barbells, one of which I borrowed from a friend. We have come a long way since then and I … Read More

Run a little. Row a lot?

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What’s you mile time? It is hard to test at XCF because we have the 3rd worst run route of any CrossFit gym I have ever visited.  It is a great test though. It is easy, free, measurable, observable, and repeatable. It has all the markings of a wonderful fitness test. Last months 2 part August Challenge was such a … Read More

How much do you like JHo

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It is on folks. King 5 best of Western Washington is upon us. This year XCF is taking it up a notch and we are planning to win EVERYTHING. We took gold at the Pipe Hitters Classic in the individual men’s division. The following weak we crushed the world at WodFest in the team competition. Jodi just got her level … Read More


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I am not working on labor day. That is the point of it right? The long and the short of it is there will be no classes on Monday. This picture of Fred looking like a real athlete should make up for it. Tuesday will be extra awful to make up for it.

Best today or best ever

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Can we PR in every single workout? The obvious answer is no but there is another layer to our training that makes record setting in every single workout a non-issue. It is the aspect of ongoing adaptation based on ever changing stimuli. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that variance only happens in the 60 minutes … Read More