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Considering how much ass they kicked it has taken me way too long to get this post up. I am going with the excuse that I was so incredibly moved by their performance that it has taken me this long to be able to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I am a very sensitive person and I don’t … Read More

Less Class. More Wodfest

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No class this Saturday because the team and a most of the folks who train are saturday will be at Magnusson Park for Wodfest. It is a one day CrossFit competition for Northwest athletes. XCF is entering a four person team composed of KD, Fojo, Nimz, and the Beebs. JHo will be throwing down as an individual competitor. It runs … Read More

Schedule Change

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No class Wednesday August 17th at 11. That is the only change. Sorry for the late notice. I am going back east to have lunch with a friend. In other news our chubbiest trainer went down to San Diego this week to join her husband and most likely give birth to a little boy. Last I heard they were naming … Read More

Say no to intestinal parasites

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Dave needs our help. Dave is helping Nicaraguans but there are a crap ton of them so he can’t do it by himself. He has recruited some students from SPU to help him with his next project but that still isn’t enough. That is why he needs us. It turns out that a lot of the water down there has … Read More