Learn to relax awesomely

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What is the point of going on vacation if you aren’t going to do the stuff you love in a cooler place? I would go to the moon just to do bigger box jumps and snatch more weight. I am kidding. The moon is for punks. I would rather go to jupiter because the gravitational forces are way higher and … Read More

Birthdays and a lanky white Jordan

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Happy Birthday to Nimz, Goodin, and Fred. They all turned 30 this week. What are the odds? I am not surprised. CrossFit is the fountain of youth. Today we revisited a fan favorite. We kicked off with heavy thrusters and then took a run at Fran. There were some sick performances. Helena is inches away from doing it Rx. KD … Read More

Papa needs a new pair of shoes

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I have reduced the number of times that I encourage people to get lifting shoes to 3 times per week. I am bringing it up again because one of my two favorite lifting shoe makers is offering a sweet deal to folks just because they do CrossFit. If you were thinking about getting shoes any time soon this might be … Read More

Stop going back

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Paleo, Zone, IF, and the grapefruit diet all have the similar characteristic of making the people who are following them feel pretty good almost all of the time. So good in fact it makes little sense why one wouldn’t follow one of them. I hear lots of reasons why people don’t stick to the plan but the logic is not … Read More

Schedule change

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No class Monday July 4th. This is partly due to the holiday but mostly due to the fact that the Ho’s are running three deep. The newest patriot at XCF is Liberty Sojourner Michelle Obama Holland. Dead lifting by 9 months guaranteed.