Part 2 Day 2

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So I am a day late with my day 2 part two recap. I guess if you want to get technical I am 16 days late with the recap but you guys are such a forgiving and generous bunch I am certain our relationship can withstand this. Speaking of generous I want to thank all of the folks who have … Read More

Very delayed day 2 part 1 regional update

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I took a brief break from the regional recap in order to celebrate one of XCF’s favorite sons. The time has come to return to the recounting of the extravagant exploits of the stalwart six that fought for the honor of XCF in the northwest regional qualifier. To review day one involved two workouts both of which we kicked such … Read More

Free T shirts.(Free-ish)

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We finally got some gear so that we can start representing Xplore CrossFit all day everyday. No longer will the only evidence of your participation be blood, bruises, and blisters. While those markers are legit it is time to show off with something that doesn’t require an explanation about why you got Neosporin on your co-workers jacket. KD bought the … Read More


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Where the S stands for saveyourgoodbyesyoustupidleaverIhopeyourplanecrashesintoahersheyfactorybutIdontwantyoutodieIwantyoutobestrandedintherewithnothingtoeat butcandybarsuntilyougetdiabetesandthenIdontcarewhathappenstoyouaslongasyouknowthatthediabetesisadirectresultofleavingXCF. There was a lot of sadness surrounding the departure of our incredibly dear friend, athlete, and trainer CI. Of course it was sad but in the final chapter of the CI chronicles it is time to celebrate. Celebrate the culmination of a three year journey that was understood from the beginning. CI joined … Read More

Schedule change

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Monday June 20th we will only have one evening class at 4pm. There will be no 5 and 6pm class. I am taking the time to rock back and forth in my closet as CI’s final day in Seattle comes to a close. Tomorrow you can also look forward to the last installment of the CI chronicles. IF you were … Read More

Calling all haters

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It is on people. The final gathering for the I Hate CI club is tonight. To avoid confusion let’s just call it a party. It is part celebration because we are excited that our little boy is going to medical school. Say what you will about the Mexican government but their education system is… I actually don’t know, but I … Read More

He’s a robot

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Just before CI joined us we had another young upstart by the name of Dave Stalsbroten. Dave came to us with the expressed intent of joining a gym that promoted community and learning the fundamentals of CrossFit in order to share them with other folks. With Irvine and Dave both itching to learn from the shallow trough of my training … Read More

Taste the sad Michael

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If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems and the biggest one is that Irvine is leaving on Monday and we haven’t found a new hate target for the I Hate CI club. In all seriousness though does anyone know someone who does pistols with the same arrogance and who even though he … Read More

Taste the happy Michael

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I am sure you have all heard the news by now and you are having a hard time putting your feelings into words. This month marks the end of one of the greatest eras in the history of XCF. In just a few days we will be losing one of our favorite people. Childless JHo will be no more. That’s … Read More

Day 1 Recap Revisited, Extended, and Perfected

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This past weekend a team of monsters threw down with the best of the northwest in the CrossFit Games Northwest Regional Qualifier. 31 Teams of 3 men and 3 women from the top gyms in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska squared off in 6 events over three days at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Last year the XCF team took 15th … Read More