Choose your mission field

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So I haven’t given an update on the 5% Project and what is happening to all of the dirty brown kids that we love and support down in South Africa. 5% of our revenue still goes to support the orphanage and it is very well spent but there are some new and cool things on the horizon. I was planning … Read More

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I met a super cool dude named Olman the other day who took me to the farm of a local Costa Rican coffee grower named Victor. Victor is a fourth generation coffee farmer in Monte Verde Costa Rica and Olman school me and the Kid about everything coffee. Don’t worry folks I made sure Victor was part of the fair … Read More

Hubris isn’t sexy in CR either

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The following is a completely true account 9 days without an Erg, awesomecycle, ring dips, or snatches. If it weren’t for the beautiful people, beautiful scenery and incredible food I might be prone to some kind of fit. I will admit I got the shakes pretty bad about three days in and I would wake up in the middle of … Read More

But there are no mirrors

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It doesn’t take much more than the will to get better to get better. We want the answer to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive because then we have a reason to stay the same. If it required three hours of personal training every day or a VO2 max test, and a blood draw every week we could tell ourselves … Read More


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In case you didn’t already know it is CrossFit games season. CI and I are the least manly men when it comes to sports EXCEPT for CrossFit. I couldn’t tell you how many sports teams New York has. I do know that they all suck. ALL OF THEM! (Doreen, don’t bother posting to comments I will just delete it.) I … Read More

Schedule Updates

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How cool is this picture of some dude who dropped in to do a sectional wod two weeks ago? Lots of cool things and one not so cool thing are happening at XCF. The coolest thing is that the team of 12 athletes that is representing our gym in the CrossFit Games open sectionals this year is kicking some serious … Read More