Your better

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Food is consistently a tough subject for a variety of reasons but the one I find most challenging in is the volume of conflicting information from “credible” sources. I emphasize credible not to imply that I am dubious of any source that I don’t personally have knowledge of but raise the question about what makes one source more credible than … Read More

Take it like a man

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Monday is a holiday. I don’t know which one it is but it seems like we should take some time to reflect on how good things are here in America. We have a reduced schedule tomorrow. There will be class at 6, 7, and 4 only. I know it will be hard on you but it is for the best. … Read More

Where you at

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We are a little over a month into our 90 days of purposive living and training. Just about everyone put up three goals on the dream board. I loved reading the goals that people put up and I really dug seeing how much interest others have taken in goals of other folks in the gym. We increase the likelihood of … Read More