Just lay there real quiet like

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If you can’t squat 450 pounds it is probably due to flexibility. If you can’t do 15 consecutive muscle ups it is also a flexibility issue. I reckon if you can’t row 6000m in less than 21:30 you just might need to work on your flexibility. If you or someone you know needs to get a little more limber you … Read More

Balls will help

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Clancy and Matt are doing such good work on their pec minor it gets me a little choked up looking at this photo. Yesterday started our 90 days of purposive eating, lifting, and living. There are lots of awesome goals up on the dream board and I am excited to see what things people achieve over the next 89 days. The … Read More

For Martin

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In honor of Martin Luther King and all he did to promote greater opportunities for minorities your favorite minority is taking advantage of the opportunity to work less. On Monday January 17th the class schedule will be as follows: 7am, 11am, and 5pm only. If your favorite class time has been cancelled you can try a new time and meet … Read More

Look at it.

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As I am sure all of you know, I hate CI. For some reason the ladies feel exactly the opposite. Now when I say “the ladies” I mean about 37 percent of the world female population and 17 percent of the male population. This statement has been substantiated most recently by events that unfolded at a New Years party we … Read More


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I gave you a few days but it is time. What are you doing with your life? I guess we can scale it back a bit. What are you going to do with the next 97 days? When you walk up the stairs at the gym and look to your right there is a big white board with nothing on … Read More

Don’t let Donkey seduce you while you lift

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If you aren’t already taking advantage of the sweet deals available on Groupon then here is a reason to start now. They are offering a silly cheap pass to Vertical World. It is time for you to put your fitness to the test. Another bonus is that Goodin will find you instantly cooler just because you are even thinking about … Read More