I can’t sing and they can’t walk

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This evening I joined a bunch of folks from my church at Bayview Retirement Community in Queen Anne to sing Christmas carols to the residents. Bayview is a collection of oldies but goodies who range from able bodied seniors, to folks in need of full time nursing care. We spent our time with the folks who were no longer capable … Read More

The meaning of Christmas…and the schedule update

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What is the meaning of Christmas? It depends on who you talk to. Ham? Birth of Christ? Pick up heavy crap or time? The answer is all of the above. You guys are so lucky to have a jedi level web researcher as your trainer. I have discovered convincing information that the denotative definition of Christmas outside of religious tradition(which … Read More

Oh but there’s more

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Another good reason to lift heavy stuff is so that other stuff doesn’t feel nearly as heavy. Consider riding a bike. The strokes of the pedals are a continual flow of the combined movements knee extension and flexion mixed with hip extenension and flexion.  Another movement that involves opening and closing the hip in combination is the deadlift. We can … Read More

Heavy is a state of mind

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I was with an athlete today and we were doing singles on the back squat for the very first time. She hit 68 kilos which is epic since when she walked in the door she couldn’t do a bodyweight squat without pain. Now she is hitting amazing numbers well below parallel. She asked me between sets what the point of … Read More