Since you aren’t working anyway

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There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. First of all you train at XCF which is actually about 7 things rolled into one extremely awesome thing. The second is that you probably work for a company that gives you vacation time so you can go and visit your family. This brings me back to the first … Read More

Hooray for physics!

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CrossFitters measure intensity as power output. We don’t really care about heart rate, sweating, screaming, or calories burned. We want to know how much work you got done and how long it took. To arrive at work we simply multiply force x distance. How much weight you moved and how far you moved it. If we divide work by time … Read More

Thanksgiving schedule

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Thanksgiving week we will only be having class on Monday and Tuesday. The schedule both days is as follows: 7, and 11AM, and 4, 5, and 6PM The fact that it is a short week is no cause to shorten your training volume. There is always something to do to keep pushing toward your goals. I am visiting my folks … Read More

Canadian throwdown

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This past weekend some athletes from XCF went up to Victoria to compete in the winter throwdown. This was the second year for this annual competition hosted by CrossFit Taranis. It brought together over 100 individual competitors and 20 teams. The competition was fierce in every category. CI competed in the individual men’s advanced category and Clancy competed in the … Read More

Weekend Update

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NO CLASS THIS SATURDAY. XCF is sending some of its monsters up to Victoria this weekend so they can face off against the biggest and baddest of the Northwest. Irvine and Clancy will be competing in the individual advanced category this Saturday. Blaze, Clancy, Jones, and JHo will be kicking asses in the team competition on Sunday. Nimz and Donkey … Read More

Oh but it’s so much more

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XCF needs your help. We are sprucing up the joint a bit and we need a ladder. Most of you have seen the color samples on the wall and it has been hilarious listening to the differences of opinion on the color options. My favorite line so far has come from Frank who stated “I can’t work out in these … Read More

It’s gonna be a thing

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Let’s just start off with the most obvious thing about this birthday picture. How much do I look like Radio? You would think that just based on how good looking I think I am that I would take better photos but alas this is untrue. I really accentuate my “specialness” on my special day. Thanks for all of the birthday … Read More

How fit are you?

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How fit are you? That simple question quickly gets complex. Fit for what? How fit is fit enough? How does one evaluate their fitness? You could develop fitness with sport-focused workouts, and test your fitness through competitive sports. It’s rewarding to be good at a competitive sport. But most sport-focused workouts are specialized enough to leave weaknesses you may not … Read More