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Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday and made our 3 year birthday/Africa Recap party a success. It is always great to meet the better halves of the athletes at XCF. The food was incredible. There was some pretty amazing things to eat but the prize for best dish wasn’t even a contest. The Foody’s brought some smoked … Read More

In case I wasn’t clear…PARTY TIME!

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This Friday kicking off at 5:30 I am inviting the whole fam into the gym to celebrate two awesome events in XCF history. The first reason for a celebration is that we have been a community for 3 full years. On September 10 the gym had its third birthday. The second amazing thing is the developments in the 5% project. … Read More

Updated Schedule

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There are two changes to the class schedule. One is new the other is just a reminder. There will no longer be an 8am class time. This is all because John moved back to Canada and the Tiger moved to Tacoma. What is that about? I am not even sure which one made a worse decision. Also, we are now … Read More

“Losers always whine about their best.”

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The other day we did a little back squatting. You may remember it because while you were doing it you may have been thinking, “what the f is wrong with the trainers here? My legs still aren’t back to normal from that stupid nonsense on Friday.” If you are looking for someone to blame about the front squat debacle blame … Read More

Let’s do lunch…well actually dinner

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Quickie in Zimbabwe from Jordan Holland on Vimeo. September was in insane month at XCF. Thanks to some clever marketing we have starting to attract a new demographic. There are now four, that’s right, FOUR negroes in the gym. If you felt at all uncomfortable with my use of the word negroes wait until you show up to a class … Read More

You think muscles grow on trees?!

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So much has happened I just don’t know where to begin. First of all Tiger almost did a double under, Clancy almost did a muscle up, and Irvine and I almost snatched a world record weight. If Tiger had turned the rope about 5% faster she would have nailed it. If Clancy had been listening to her sports psychologist and … Read More