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This week is Monday Wednesday and Friday only. I will be teaching all 7 classes on Friday. 6, 7, 8, 11, 4, 5, and 6 I expect a big turnout and lots of presents. Starting October 5 CrossFit 101 is an open enrollment class that meets every Tuesday and Thursday at noon am 6pm. Send in your friends and family. … Read More

To exercise or not to exercise

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South Africa is providing an abundance of sun, dust, and time. The third is the only one that is actually helpful in the quest to stay fit while we are out of the gym. The limited equipment here at the orphanage makes programming a fun challenge everyday but as Irvine loves to say “grab a stick and a rock and … Read More

Class schedule update

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This week you guys are in for a treat. There are four days of scheduled classes. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with all class times available. I know you are excited. I know folks probably didn’t even notice that I was gone until they read the last post but I am sure you have been crying yourselves to sleep since … Read More

We miss you guys?

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We finally arrived at location for the primary purpose of our trip. We drove into Loskop late last night and we stayed at the home of JD and Barbara Borgman. They have been working to make the orphanage and the surrounding area a thriving community for almost ten years. They are an amazing couple and one of our main goals … Read More


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People talk alot about having a strong core and then they do 250 crunches and call it good. They also wonder why their back hurts and their hips are tight even though they do so much “core.” I was at a gym the other day and they had a class that was 75 minutes long just devoted to abs. I … Read More

Schedule Update. Don’t look so surprised.

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While Irvine and I are in South Africa teaching the brown folk to clean and jerk the schedule will be a little lighter than usual. There will be class on the following dates: Sept. 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, and 29. Class times will be 6, 7, 8, and 11 am and 4, 5, and 6 pm. … Read More

Call your doctor

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3 days until we depart for the dark continent. I don’t know why it is called the dark continent. It seems like antarctica would be the dark continent as it gets considerably less sunlight during parts of the year. Oh vell. Mission: Brown Life Saver commences this sunday at midnight. I am super jazzed about all of the support we … Read More

Labor day is for…

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…generously giving of your time and money. If you have the day off I highly recommend coming into the gym at 9 and working out. In fact, I think it is so important that you work out at 9 we are only going to have one class on Monday. Guess what time it is going to be? I knew you … Read More

Uphill both ways

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It is happening. We are going back to Africa. And the “we” has expanded. Erin and I went in April but now this time Irvine and my sister Ashley are coming too. We also get to spend twice as much time at the orphanage which is going to be awesome. They are starting all sorts of new projects like a … Read More