Draft Indian pole dancing

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I am frequently inspired by general awesomeness. General awesomeness is a junk drawer term applied to all things amazing that often make you tilt your head to the side and ask “why?”. The answer to the question is simply, “I don’t know why but it is pretty fricken’ awesome!” I am going to go out on a limb here and … Read More

I dub this blog Sir ass kicker


We’ve got a brand new look for the website. I hope ya’ll dig it as much as I do. There are still a few tweaks needed over the next couple of weeks but this is how we are rollin’ these days. You no longer have to be embarrassed to tell your friends about us. We are legit now. Soon I … Read More

“Sometimes I am a badass.” -MA 1821-20??


I was inspired today by an email I received from my favorite complainer. Believe it or not MA is my longest running client. She has lost over 30 pounds, continues to set PR’s and still has ever-changing short and long term fitness goals. MA tripped about a week ago and sprained her ankle. She called me the next day to … Read More