Listen up kids. This is BIG!

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Mike and Donkey are finally getting their way. We are adding a 4pm class. Starting August 2nd we will have a 4pm class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tell your friends. It is going to be epic. In other news,…

You should get outside more

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The sun is shining and that means we can go outside. Not to imply that I won’t send you out on a frigid run in February but now you can at least get some vitamin D and expose your awesomeness…

Rexit on your ight

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We are on day 56 and things are going well. Rexy is still getting leaner and her numbers are all going in the right direction. I think the first unassisted pull up is happening this week. Don’t bring it up…

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I know what you are thinking. “If JHo had an iPhone 4 the photo quality would be significantly better.” I am sorry but I just can’t do it. Why would I want a device that limits my face time calls to wifi connection points. WEAK! Anyhow, I must confess this photo was taken in line at a Baskin Robbins. Not … Read More