2 vets and an audiophile

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I dig the summer at the gym because we get a lot of visitors. I love this place and the people who train here and quite frankly if I only got to train with the people that are here now that wouldn’t be a bad deal. It wouldn’t be perfect though because we would miss out on the untold awesomeness that awaits us every time someone walks through the door. It isn’t all birthday surprises every day but there are some really interesting folks that come through this place. Giri is gone for 15 minutes reducing our Indian population back to zero and 15 minutes later we get two new ones. WIN! They are both computer programmers. Shocker. They both work at Amazon. Double shocker. They don’t know each other. Now that one really is shocking because as my man GT put it “don’t you all know each other.” He didn’t really say that.

Yes he did. Anyhow, there was a veterinarian conference here in Seattle and we had two vets throw down with us this week. Both women and as my man GT says, “women can be doctors?” I just found out that it is possible to spend 100,000 dollars on a stereo. Sanjay Patel of Ciamara moved heavy stuff with us this week and he is a provider of high end audio equipment. The high end that is two steps above the end you thought was the highest. Cool dude with a sweet job that takes him around the world and into our sweet muscle factory.

We even had some dude who was either a secret agent or a terrorist and either way he sucked because he behaved so suspiciously I couldn’t stop looking at him. Maybe he was just a racist and that is why he wouldn’t put his bag down because as my man GT says “it is a well known fact that black people steal.” So many opportunities to meet interesting folks. And you thought this was just a place to work out! XCF is a social club with barbells. You will never guess who said that one.

Also how awesome is Jame’s extension on that clean pull?!

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