Shoeless negroes and GT

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Just a reminder that we have 6 days left to round up gear for the kids in South Africa. It will be such an awesome Christmas drop. If you have or if you are planning to bring in money to help out I am going to place an order on Friday to get anything that hasn’t been covered. People have been pretty generous so far. I am sure we can get everything on the list. Big thanks to Ian and Gordy for showing up and writing sweet checks the same day I posted. We have such a cool community of compassionate folks.

In other news, not only are the members of XCF the most generous athletes on earth they are also the strongest. There were some sick displays of pressing strength today. At 11 somebody pressed 95k. It doesn’t matter who. Jonesy is inching up on a body weight shoulder press. Fred had a huge PR with 61k. And that is when he is taking it easy while he is rehabbing his shoulder. Foody also put up 61 proving again that he is the strongest man alive when you factor in age, weight, altitude, economic status, and race. At 11 KD put up some incredible numbers. Everyone was blown away. Helena peed a little when he pressed 87k. After KD knocked out 39 burpees in the finisher Charles started having some confusing thoughts even though he is married with kids. KD truly put on a mind blowing performance. No one and I mean no one thought there was anything that could top it. That is because no one realized George hadn’t been in yet. No one noticed George’s absence. No one knew that George had a meeting at 11 but as soon as his meeting was over he would be in to put it down for the galanolefki. I asked George what his PR on the press was and he said it didn’t matter. “My new PR is going to be 88.” After he put up 88k I asked him what he was projecting for burpees on the finisher. In case you were fool enough not to show up yesterday the final part of training yesterday was 6:00 to row 1000m and do max burpees. He didn’t even answer my question. He just pointed to the whiteboard. He then busted out 42 burpees. It was a moving experience. A seagull flew in the window and offered itself up as a peace offering on behalf of nature because it was clear at that moment that GT was on a path to word domination.

4 Comments on “Shoeless negroes and GT”

  1. That’s an inspiring story. Someone should make a movie about the GT vs KD rivalry. I will donate $42, one for each of George’s burpees. Nice work guys.

  2. This is almost a more breathtaking saga of strength and sagacity than my daily diet of detective novels.

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