I’ll have a six pack, and whatever else he’s having

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I was on a date with a super hot chick the other day and we went to Lola in Belltown.  It was delicious to be certain but if you are trying to hit your protein blocks you better be ready to spend a little extra. If you are on behind on carb blocks, as I most certainly was, you may want to order two plates of the garlic fried potatoes instead of one. Erin and I order a variety of things to share and then I went to the bathroom. On the way back from the bathroom I saw a woman eating something amazing that I don’t even remember seeing referenced on the menu. When I got back to the table I opened the menu back up to try to find this wonderful creation because there might be time to change my order. It looked so much better than whatever crap I had ordered that I was going to  jump ship on my kabobs. I didn’t end up changing and the food was delicious but it made me think some interesting thoughts.

Much of our behavior is affected by the behavior of others. “Do blind people think the 1963-67 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a cool car?” We see what others have, do, or think and we base our decisions on their decisions. Sometimes this even goes against logic. Not everyone looks good in Uggs and tube tops. The experience at the restaurant made me wonder if this heuristic can be effectively applied to wise but unpopular lifestyle choices. Before you decide to eat ice cream. Stand in front of the ice cream case and watch ten people pick some out. How many of them look the way you want to look? Go to any fast food restaurant, or NASCAR event and ask yourself if this is who you want to be. It would follow then that eating MacDonald’s at watching NASCAR is a poor lifestyle choice. Big Macs are an easy target though. What about working 55+ hours per week? What about sleeping less than 6 hours a night? Who do you look at and say “I’ll have what she’s having”? What is she doing that you aren’t. The risk in this rule is the “exception to the rule.” There is always someone who has what we want but doesn’t have to do anything to get it. They are skinny, rich, healthy, and smart. F them. Take a poll. Find 10 people who have everything you want and notice the trend. I bet 8 of them had to work hard for all of it and one of them is lying. If you have something you don’t want (e.g. a huge butt, weak arms, high blood pressure) why are you doing everything necessary to keep it? Send it back and get what she is having instead. It is probably nothing more than constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity fueled by meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Breezy.

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