Crazed and confused

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Interesting article on addiction from the New York Times. CrossFit is often compared to some sort of fitness cult full of addictive personality types and disorder eaters. We lift heavy, fast, often, and with too little rest. We follow a dietary prescription that alienates our friends and family and then consider them crazy for not joining us. Are we indeed crazy? Check out the article. It is a short read and presents some thought provoking information. Are you addicted? Do you care? Thoughts to comments.

9 Comments on “Crazed and confused”

  1. I believe the famous saying from Bob Saget in Half Baked “Have you ever sucked d!#& for marijuana” – holds true for exercise. And yes, I’m addicted to ice cream

  2. I’m pretty sure it was “have you ever sucked dick for coke?”, not marijuana.

    1. no, he’s still on the leash while using the laptop. supervised surfing only in this alpha female household.

  3. Exercise addiction is a feature, not a bug. There is a reason things that are good for you feel good.

    1. Quite a big statement there Crosby. Some folks will tell you that heroine feels better than sex. I wager it isn’t going to get close to elite fitness. To speak more specifically to your comment you failed to link the addictive nature of exercise to the benefit of exercise. Many good things in excess turn into bad things. If addiction leads to overdose of any substance or activity than it must be managed.

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