Star Infinity

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The other day I was getting times from folks after the session and when I came to one athlete in particular all I got was a blank stare. I don’t want to use any names so as not to embarrass people but his initials are Pete Jendro. “We were supposed to be counting something?” Seriously?! It may surprise you to hear that my response to Pete’s lack of useful data was a little sarcastic. I am not proud of it but it happens every once in a while. I chatted with Pete after class about not counting reps, or time or whatever the heck it was that we were counting that day. He said something that resonated with me. In regards to not having a time he said half jokingly “we don’t always need a time do we? What about a ‘complete’?” My first thought is usually the wrong one so I won’t share it but my fourth thought was a little more compassionate. We do want to know what we did, and how long it took but there are days where finishing means something. Some days it means a lot. I wrote recently about today’s best but sometimes today’s best can be undermined by numbers on the board that show just how far we missed the mark by. While I do believe the white board is a great motivator this is not always the case. Some days the white board is merely evidence of how far we still have to go. Some times it doesn’t pump you up to get crushed by a pregnant asthmatic. Other days you might not be motivated to post a time that is longer than the three times above yours combined. I am not saying there isn’t value in both of those things it just doesn’t work for everyone every day. Some days when your name gets called you might want to just call out “COMPLETE!” Maybe I will take a page out of Clancy’s book and start giving out smiley faces and stars.

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