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Can we PR in every single workout? The obvious answer is no but there is another layer to our training that makes record setting in every single workout a non-issue. It is the aspect of ongoing adaptation based on ever changing stimuli. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that variance only happens in the 60 minutes you spend in the gym and can only be affected by changing weights and exercises. What about sleep volume? If you come in on 2 hours of sleep that is a variable that will affect your training and ultimately the response to your training. You will increase your capacity to work in a fatigued state. This week as we revisited our 10k row there were ample complaints about the lifestyle factors that were affecting people’s capacity to perform at their best. That really depends on what they view as their best for the day. Instead of only thinking of doing better than last time I want you to consider your best for today. What if last time wasn’t your best? Does that make a PR today as valid? What I want more than a boatload of new records, which will come in time regardless, is today’s best. I know you come in here tired, stressed, hungry, sore, and even angry sometimes but all I want from you is the best you have to offer with what you have available. Awesome job to everyone who did set a new record on their 10k but I want to equally commend everyone who didn’t have a new record in them but endured the test and came out better for it on the other side. Rosa and Nimz spent the weekend moving, Leslie just came back from vacation and Charles and Dail had did a 10k on their first day in group class. Many of other folks came in with similar baggage and I am proud of all of you for digging it out.

2 Comments on “Best today or best ever”

  1. “Better than yesterday.”
    Charles & Dail I am truly sorry. I hope you stick to it.
    JHo- great post.
    GT- that time was simply sick! Kudos.

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