Birthdays and a lanky white Jordan

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Happy Birthday to Nimz, Goodin, and Fred. They all turned 30 this week. What are the odds? I am not surprised. CrossFit is the fountain of youth. Today we revisited a fan favorite. We kicked off with heavy thrusters and then took a run at Fran. There were some sick performances. Helena is inches away from doing it Rx. KD is inching up on a sub 3. We cap the workout at 10 minutes and a whole host of folks, including 30 year old Fred, came in under the time cap today. Some dude showed up at the 4pm class at hit 101k for 3 reps on the thruster and then proceeded to do Fran at 65k with strict pull ups. He wasn’t fast but it was still impressive. I bet he makes it to the games next year.  In other news we had another Jordan in the gym today. He is Shannon’s beau and not a CrossFitter so it came as no surprise that our resident Jordan is stronger. He didn’t cry though so that is a win. He is dragging Shannon off to the Midwest in a year so if you haven’t already friended her on Facebook and invited her over for game night then get a move on.

5 Comments on “Birthdays and a lanky white Jordan”

  1. yeah, 30 for me…Jordan, if you can get people to believe that, then you are the world’s greatest salesman

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