If you aren’t first, you’re last

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There is very little to say about what went down today except that your team KILLED IT! The first workout for the team competition was a 750m row relay followed by 50 handstand push ups and then another 750m row relay. We went in with a perfect plan and if we followed it we would have finished the workout in just under 25 minutes. Instead these animals went above and beyond and finished just over 24 minutes with a time of 24:11 which would put us in the top 5 in every region worldwide. Nimz rowed anchor for us and she destroyed almost every other woman on the erg. Irvine led the team with 22 consecutive handstand push ups. It was a beautiful sight. I went hoarse after the first workout from cheering our team on. We finished in 3rd on the first workout.

The second workout was a thruster ladder in which one man and one woman from the team had to lift progressively heavier bars every 30 seconds until they couldn’t lift anymore. Clancy had a great showing with 140#. JHo kept it going with 245#. The 385# total was sufficient to pull 5th place on the second workout. With a day one score of 8 points XCF is standing in 2nd place with a 4 point lead on third place going into day two.

Tomorrow morning JHo and Clancy will dominate event 3 which is a deadlift/box jump couplet. Fortunately the loads aren’t too heavy with the men only pulling 275# for 45 reps and the ladies pulling 185#. Part 4 is a 1000 rep grinder split between chest to bar pull ups, swings, double unders and overhead squats.

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  1. I’m champing at the bit to hear how the rest of this went down. Way to represent and crush it! I ate a 1000 cal grinder on Sunday… similar, but different.

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