Season Affective Disorder

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We are almost done with our 90-day cycle of purposive living. This is not to imply that we will cease to live with intention at the end of the 90 days it simply marks the beginning of a new stage. In one of my communities outside of the gym, yes I hang out with weak people sometimes, we use the word “seasons” a lot to describe life stages. Seasons are differing lengths depending on how long it takes to get through a particular phase. A new job can be a season and a new season can start at work as you are given more responsibility or learn that your boss is an idiot. The Kid and I are in an interesting season as she is now 6.5 months pregnant. I didn’t take much into consideration when I started the Atkin’s experiment but because of what is happening in each arena of my life it turned out to be quite a learning process. At home I have watched my wife’s belly grow and lately it seems like it changes between the time she leaves for work and the time she comes home. It is pretty amazing. What is also exciting is that she has gained so little weight the doctor brought it up in our last visit. Of course I discounted it to deadlifts and vegetables. My wife on the other had is shocked because she feels like all she does is eat. What we deduced though is that under normal circumstances I am the one who brings the crap into the house and since I was strictly adhering to the Atkins protocol there was less stuff around for her to nosh on. My two biggest pitfalls are corn based products in the form of popcorn or corn chips with either salsa or guacamole and “paleo approved” desserts. The Kid makes several killer types of paleo cookies and with a little Coconut Bliss ice cream who even cares about nuclear reactors and political unrest in Yemen. Once I was no longer bringing those things into the house the source for totally superfluous consumption dried up. It wasn’t until I was way outside of my comfort zone and looking for answers to questions that were only brought up as a result of the experiment that I started to notice areas where I was habitually making poor choices. This includes quality of food, but also quantity and timing as well. We all wrestle with the food as fuel vs. food as pleasure question all of the time and it is often both but where are you allowing the fuel aspect or the pleasure aspect of food to lead you astray? I let the fueling aspect taking up too much of my time and I geek out on the numbers unnecessarily. I am also prone to watch the Biggest Loser while I eat a whole bag of Kettle brand black bean chips and three avocados. Do you know what one serving of chips looks like? That is what I eat in a sitting now. It is 1 ounce. If you don’t have a food scale then just look at the nutrition label and it will give you an approximate number. If chips are your thing I challenge you to count out one serving. You can even round up if you have broken chips but stick to the number. Eat one serving and be done. It gives new meaning to the word strength. The word means as much in the kitchen as it does in the gym.  Heaven forbid you are still eating cereal but if you are try 1 serving. It will just make you angry. Bring that anger into the gym and crush your next workout. Then go home and throw away the cereal and stop eating crap like that. I will stop making trashcans full of popcorn and you will stop eating _____?______. What have you taken away from this 90 days season? Who is putting up roadblocks for you? It might even be you. I was certainly getting in my own way.

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