Hungry is the new happy

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In other news the Atkins saga continues slightly less painfully than last week. I am on day 8 today and I was very sad to be informed of that truth. Yesterday afternoon as I was celebrating my successful completion of the first week I was called by my partner in suffering and informed that my count was off. Yesterday was not day 8 it was only day 7. It is only one day but one day is relative to the task. One day without food and water, one day without sleep, or one day without the ability to see. This relative aspect of a given obstacle has multiple dimensions that can make a given task easier or harder. I had to consider how much of the total time this one day would account for. One day is nothing if the bulk of the challenge is in behind you. It has been shown that successes even minor ones, have a positive impact on future efforts. People who win more win more. There is a confidence-building element that arises from continual success. In terms of the goals we set in the gym this can relate to the scope or the duration of the time period. One of the reasons we set 90 day goals instead of 1 year goals was because we want more and sooner opportunities to celebrate. We also wanted to set attainable goals based on only minor changes to our current patterns. If we set a 1-year goal of a 300% increase in pull-ups it would be challenging to visualize that in meaningful terms for tomorrow. How many more pull-ups is that by next Thursday? I weighed in the first morning of Phase 1 at 206.2 pounds. I weighed in the second morning at 207.2 pounds. I weighed in at 207.2 for 2 on days 3 and 4 as well. What the hell is that about?!  Several things came out of this initial shock. I was angry that there was not only no decrease in weight right away but that the change was in the opposite direction. I couldn’t believe I had worked so hard for 2 hours and I hadn’t lost .2 pounds. (Which, is the smallest unit my scale registers) I was frustrated at the negative results and I was even frustrated that I was frustrated. I should know better. How many people had I counseled through the exact same thing? How absurd was it to expect a change after 24 hours? Even though I know the science I was still unhappy. Days 3 and 4 were no better and if I weren’t accountable to someone I probably would have quit claiming that I didn’t need to lose the weight in the first place. I certainly don’t need to lose the weight, which probably introduces a whole host of other issues, but I want to do it as an element of fitness as sport. There is a competitive weight for gymnasts, sprinters, jockeys as well as CrossFitters. Want though may not carry the same inherent drive as need. For many the command to lose 30 pounds or die in the next 6 months carries more weight (literally) than lose 5-7 pounds and your 1-mile splits will drop by 10-12 seconds. There are myriad reasons why I wouldn’t see a change for four days. The body is a constantly running machine that is affected by countless factors. Water intake, food type, food quantity, food quality, temperature, sleep, sweat, stress, are only a few big ones. Any or all of these can have an effect on what is happening in your body at any moment. What if I was under hydrated the first weigh in and I was over hydrated on the second? What if the binging effects of my families visit didn’t show up on the scale until day 3? By weighing myself 18 times a day I was ignoring the fact that this is a process. It is a lifestyle adjustment. Data points will not show significant evidence on a minute by minute basis but a week to week and possibly month to month timeframe. What surprised me was that I actually had to remind myself that multiple times in a week.

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