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As I am sure all of you know, I hate CI. For some reason the ladies feel exactly the opposite. Now when I say “the ladies” I mean about 37 percent of the world female population and 17 percent of the male population. This statement has been substantiated most recently by events that unfolded at a New Years party we went to recently. Irvine was giving his usual “deadlifts are the answer to everything” rant and this dude was listening way too intently with an “I’m not gay but…” look on his face. Anyhow, it takes a man with this kind of charisma to drop his pants at the beginning of class to show off his well formed vastus medialis oblique. It is quite a fine specimen and everyone present left feeling like they had witnessed something special on par with the first moon landing on or the first baboon heart being put inside a human. The members of XCF should count CI among their blessings at Thanksgiving and Jewish high holidays. The reason for the demo was the highlight a frequently tight muscle insertion that we should be showing lots of love to every week. If you have rolled this one out and endured the twin bladed samurai sword of pain that is representative of VMO tension you should be hitting this several times a week. Tension here can lead to pain in the knees, hips, and back as well as lower the ceiling on our ultimate fitness potential. You are effectively trying to ride a bike on sand if you aren’t sorting out all of these little hot spots. Roll out that vmo and keep those knees tracking beautifully.

4 Comments on “Look at it.”

  1. If I didn’t recognize the boxes I’d swear this pic was taken at a rest stop. You have a huge set of VMO’s, Irvine!!!

  2. I give the “I’m not gay look but…” to almost everyone
    though! And the thing that sold me wasn’t CI’s legs, it was the “we
    teach you how to be f*cking dope” line.

    1. We voted and you get the badass of the week award for your kick ass response to the post. Welcome to the team Trig. Men with your good humor and appreciation for CI’s vernacular are appreciated at XCF.

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