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I gave you a few days but it is time. What are you doing with your life? I guess we can scale it back a bit. What are you going to do with the next 97 days? When you walk up the stairs at the gym and look to your right there is a big white board with nothing on it. This board is our new dream diary. I want to know and I want everyone to know what you are trying to get done in her in the next three months. Everyone is going to put something on the board. What can you get done in 90 days? How much can you change if you are resolute? 50 pull ups? 20 pull ups? 1? Pick something and stick to it. You are accountable to everyone else who has something on the board and they are accountable to you. Let’s help each other kick more ass this year. We have athletes who have ambitions for the CrossFit games but we have many more athletes who just want to look, feel, and move a little better. Bryan wants to flip the tire, Donkey wants to do Fran as Rx, Rexy wants pull ups and CI wants to be able to lift as much as everyone thinks he can. Food goals, performance goals, or even lifestyle goals are acceptable. How about one of each? The next time you are in the gym I want three things on the dream diary next to your name.

1. Nutrition goal
2. Performance goal
3. Lifestyle goal

Here are mine:

1.Find a good balance between eating for performance and food as a pleasurable experience whether it be shared in community or enjoyed alone
2. Start the CrossFit competitive season at the greatest level of fitness I have ever achieved.
3. Put my faith and my family before my fitness goals

Choose what is important to you. Put it on the board and  go on a journey with our awesome community.

Look at how far this dude has come and he is still bringing his A game every single day.

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  1. We are AMAZED to see how much this guy has slimmed down his figure… not sure what happened strength wise. Seriously, 50# DB’s to 35#’s?!?!? We already have determined Kevin’s performance goal. At least you LOOK good. Maybe you should do P90X – you’re already fitting into the profile with your ‘Beach Body’?!?! Plus, you know you want to sweat it out with Tony like we do – we love us our Ab Ripper X.

  2. Kevin, who knew you would raise a vegan. Speaking of birthing, I had little Sofie. I definitely think crossfit helped. They told me pushing would take at minimum two hours, but they under-estimated Sofie and me…..she was out on the forth try. I will post pictures soon. xoxo

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