Don’t let Donkey seduce you while you lift

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If you aren’t already taking advantage of the sweet deals available on Groupon then here is a reason to start now. They are offering a silly cheap pass to Vertical World. It is time for you to put your fitness to the test. Another bonus is that Goodin will find you instantly cooler just because you are even thinking about trying your hand at rock climbing. If you haven’t tried indoor climbing I highly recommend it. I used to be a member before I thought it would be a good idea to start my own affiliate. I thought I would be free to make my own schedule and come and go as I please. Excluding the two multi-week trips we took to Africa I feel like I never leave this place. My life is so hard. That’s a lie. My life rules. I have the best gym with the best clients, and one or more of the best trainers in the known universe. I get to wear pajama pants to work, according to my wife, and I don’t have to use an inside voice. Back to the topic at hand about how you are going to try indoor rock climbing this weekend with the sweet pass that you are going to buy on Groupon right now. It is always fun to learn and play new sports. Speaking of new sports I want to try a decathlon this year so if anyone knows someone who can teach me the 7 or 8 events that I don’t know that would be awesome. I have got the 1 mile run DOWN! How hard can the javelin be though?

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